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Glad you decided to join the Knights

Knight Life Security Guard Description 


About Us

Established in 2019, Knight Life Security stands as a vanguard in the realm of protection. With our Knights boasting over two decades of combined experience, we are the preferred choice for celebrities, nightlife venues, and elite events, as well as anyone in pursuit of military-grade safety. Our commitment to unparalleled service shines through our world-class training programs and the caliber of protection we provide. Beyond standard security measures, we offer specialized training for individuals eager to enhance their emergency response skills, along with secure transportation for selected VIPs. Every Knight Life protector undergoes a rigorous screening process, is trained in the art of de-escalation, and can be equipped with a firearm upon request.

Join Our League

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Military background.

  • Nightlife industry experience.

  • Must be 21+ with prior security experience.

Compensation: Pay depends on the specifics of each contract and your experience. As an independent contractor, the necessary 1099 forms are provided. The minimum base salary starts at $15.00 per hour, tax-free, with opportunities for merit-based raises and promotions within our ranks of Knighthood. (This is someone with zero experience)

Job Scope:

  • Primarily for venues, lounges, and restaurant security between 5 pm-2 am.

  • Some assignments may involve celebrity protection, requiring the signing of non-disclosure agreements.


  • Patrol properties, ensuring safety and deterring security breaches.

  • Guard against theft, trespassing, or accidents, maintaining a visible protective presence.

  • Investigate and respond to suspicious behavior and security threats.

  • Enforce property rules and relevant laws.

  • Monitor entrances/exits and manage the flow of people and items.

  • Collaborate with authorities when needed and maintain clear communication using devices like radios.

Post-application Process: Once you've applied, Expect an email with further instructions and be prepared to undergo a background check.

Important Notes: Applicants should not have any felony convictions, prior revocations of similar licenses, or disabilities impeding duty performance.

Knight Life Valet Overview

About Us

Knight Life Valet LLC

Established in 2022, our valet Knights bring together over 15 years of expertise in the parking domain. Recognizing a consistent demand for high-quality valet and parking enforcement from our security clients, we expanded our offerings. This integration has not only led to convenient service bundling but has also elevated the standard of valet services at venues and multiple locations.

We're Hiring Valet Attendants in Rhode Island!

We're scouting for enthusiastic and responsible valet and self-parking attendants who resonate with our values. As a member of our team, you will be the face of Knight Life Valet, ensuring every vehicle is handled with care and every guest departs satisfied.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Quick and agile on your feet.

  • Commitment to stellar customer service.

  • Reliable mode of transportation.

  • Minimum age requirement: 18.

  • Legally residing with a current, valid state driver's license.

  • Familiarity with manual transmission vehicles is a bonus.

  • Mandatory vehicle insurance.

  • Professional, neat appearance.

  • Comfortable working in diverse outdoor conditions.

  • Previous parking experience is beneficial, though training is provided.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Consistent punctuality.

  • Friendly demeanor and a positive attitude.

  • Efficiently park and retrieve customer vehicles.

  • Collaborative team spirit.

  • Physical agility – expect a lot of movement!

We offer both FULL and PART-TIME positions across different time slots.

Interested? Reach out and make your move towards joining our league. Thorough screening will be conducted prior to hiring. Contact us via email or text at 888-456-85334.

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